The break up to breakthrough program

Your 12 week self paced program with additional support to get you from break up to breakthrough 💔

The breakup to breakthrough program opens its doors 4 times a year, this allows us to create a safe space where women can heal together and grow from everything they have been through.

This self-paced program has been designed for anyone who is coming out of a toxic relationship and is ready to heal.

It has been designed for anyone who has been with a narcissist and feels like they have completely lost themselves.

You know you aren't a victim, but you want to feel like you are in control of your own life again.

For so long you have felt like you've been in the wrong, you've not felt good enough and you have been made to feel like you are going crazy.

Today, we say no more. We say we want to feel empowered, and we want to rise again.

We want to heal from everything we have been through, and we want to move forward.

Because we are worthy of love. We no longer have time for relationships that make us question our self-worth and we want to have the healthiest relationship with ourselves.

Within this program comes so much love, support & guidance with bi-weekly coaching, group sessions to help you in your healing process and 12 jam packed modules to help you each week throughout your healing journey.

Modules include, self-talk, shadow work, 6 human needs & understanding your love language to help you understand yourself in relationships, we go through how you can change how you perceive rejection, tapping in to feminine energy aswell as timeline therapy plus so much more.

You have lifetime access to all of the programs and content aswell as any bonus content when the program updates each time.

This program never gets old. This is your toolkit for life.

Pricing options

Multiple payment plans allow you to access the program and pay monthly after you enrol.

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